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For those underappreciated birds
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Yaritsuka by Aurora-Xatu Yaritsuka :iconaurora-xatu:Aurora-Xatu 3 0 Bo-bobo Mother 3 Sprite by Aurora-Xatu Bo-bobo Mother 3 Sprite :iconaurora-xatu:Aurora-Xatu 1 0 Proccessor Unit by Aurora-Xatu Proccessor Unit :iconaurora-xatu:Aurora-Xatu 3 0 Pokemon Topaz - Feathrow and Ferald by Aurora-Xatu Pokemon Topaz - Feathrow and Ferald :iconaurora-xatu:Aurora-Xatu 6 0 Pokemon Topaz - The Grass Starter by Aurora-Xatu Pokemon Topaz - The Grass Starter :iconaurora-xatu:Aurora-Xatu 2 2 The Bird Man of Red Temple City by Aurora-Xatu The Bird Man of Red Temple City :iconaurora-xatu:Aurora-Xatu 1 0 Pikmin 3.5 by Aurora-Xatu Pikmin 3.5 :iconaurora-xatu:Aurora-Xatu 4 0 Street Gang by Aurora-Xatu Street Gang :iconaurora-xatu:Aurora-Xatu 1 0 Tragedy House by Aurora-Xatu Tragedy House :iconaurora-xatu:Aurora-Xatu 3 0 Overtaken By Time by Aurora-Xatu Overtaken By Time :iconaurora-xatu:Aurora-Xatu 1 0 Dynamic by Aurora-Xatu Dynamic :iconaurora-xatu:Aurora-Xatu 1 3 Maim Beast by Aurora-Xatu
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Maim Beast :iconaurora-xatu:Aurora-Xatu 1 3
LoZ: Breath of the Wild - Kargaroc by Aurora-Xatu LoZ: Breath of the Wild - Kargaroc :iconaurora-xatu:Aurora-Xatu 7 8 How To Make a Closed Species by Aurora-Xatu How To Make a Closed Species :iconaurora-xatu:Aurora-Xatu 2 4 Tsuchinoko Hunting  by Aurora-Xatu Tsuchinoko Hunting :iconaurora-xatu:Aurora-Xatu 4 6 Rider's Stroll by Aurora-Xatu Rider's Stroll :iconaurora-xatu:Aurora-Xatu 4 8


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Thought I'd make a new journal entry because I haven't in a while. Anyway, let me go over some recent changes in my life to help explain my inactivity on DA real quick. First, I finally finished high school! Heck yeah! Next, I'm going to start driving school soon! Yay! And finally, I'm now suffering from the realization that I am, indeed, an adult with no job or immediate future ahead of me! Hoora- wait. That's a bad thing...
Llama Emoji-06 (Depress) [V1] 

So yeah. Currently in the process of figuring out a way to cope with that. In the mean time however, I've been making stuff other than art. Stuff like music and crap. Oh, and I've also started streaming again. So if you're wondering where to find my Youtube and Twitch channel, they're in a infobox on my DA page. Anyway, that's all!

Ha! Wait! That infobox was a "core member' thingy so here's the links to my channels:

Main YT Channel:…
Stream Archive YT Channel:…



The Yaritsuka is a strange looking bird that very little is known about. What is known about it though, is that its prey mostly consists of medium to large-sized monstrous creatures native to the region it inhabits. It straightens itself out like a spear during flight, and it combines this ability with is aerodynamic form to fly straight through its often heavily armored opponents. 

At 17ft tall, its imposing demeanor and steely gaze make it rather intimidating, thus dissuading many of even the bravest researchers from approaching it. Local villages and towns have been assessing the Yaritsuka’s monster-killing capabilities for years and have written countless theories on how to tame it as a means to combat the increasing frequency of monster attacks on civilization, but not one theory has been tried out has the bird usually leaves as quickly as it arrives

Bo-bobo Mother 3 Sprite
A Mother 3 style enemy sprite of Bo-bobo from Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo! Made this for a remix of the anime's opening theme you can listen to here.

This one is actually a little different than the one used in the video. Some of the spriting was a little messy, so I fixed it up.
Proccessor Unit

More MS paint art for song that I made a few weeks back. You can listen to the song here.

It's in some kind of tech lab or something. A dog guy messing with a machine strange machine hooked up to a computer of sorts. Perhaps this machine is a sort of processor- Nah! I bet it prints things.

Pokemon Topaz - Feathrow and Ferald
Some more Pokemon Topaz's amazing fakemon, this time the regional birds! Sure, I kind of skipped the other two starters and a couple fakemon after them but... WHO CARES??

I'm not going to try and draw these in order anyways because sadly (unlike the indisputable king of beautiful Pokemon rom hacks, Quartz version) some of Topaz's fakemon are actually kind of boring.
Pokemon Topaz - The Grass Starter

“Wow, new Fakemon??” Nope, just some fan art of the grass starter from a Pokemon Ruby Version hack called Pokemon Topaz. “Why do they look stupid??” I don't know what you're talking about... 

Their names from left to right: Poloon, Treeter, Venaweed.

I might draw some more of these as Pokemon Topaz has some "truly beautiful" Fakemon that deserve WAY more recognition.



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Emery Smith
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
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Hello! I am an artist, if you didn't know. Nice of you to stop and read this by the way! I am also into video games, which is what most of my art is about. I started drawing at a young age and... Here I am now. Drawing isn't the only art I produce though, as I also write poems or storys from time to time. My favorite pokemon are Xatu, Hypno, Lucario, and Suicune, though Hypno and Xatu are sort of tied at #1. Well, that's all I have to say!



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